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Accessories and Mounting (Heating Cable) Equipments

Accessories and Mounting (Heating Cable) Equipment’s

We apply many different mounting and application methods for many different fields and facilities in electrical heater cable applications. Various assembly accessories and fasteners are used in order to ensure that the system to be installed as a result of the application made can work healthy, efficient and long-lasting.

Various tapes such as Aluminum Tape, Polyester Ban and Glass fiber are used in accordance with the temperature values ​​designed in the project to process and fix the heater cables on the pipelines in heat tracing applications, especially in pipelines in industrial facilities.

Termination kits and termination kits for energy connection, which are required to cut and use self-regulating cables, which we mostly use in industrial fields, of heating cable types.

There are termination kits and end seal kits that must be applied to the cables to cut and use the series resistive cables from the reel and to ensure that they operate safely by energizing them. Heating cables must have Atex certificates in an ex-proof (anti-explosion) way for use in hazardous areas (hazardous areas).

It is common to use aluminum or stainless-steel clawed strips that allow the Heater cables to be mounted on the floor, pipeline or surface we want to attach, which we mostly use in structural applications.

Connection boxes suitable for different sizes and purposes are also used to energize and control electric heater cables. Connection elements such as Junction Box and Fittings used must be suitable for the area where heat trace will be applied. For example; It is very important for the system to be healthy and long-lasting that the accessories and equipment are suitable for the field as much as the cable used for the heating cable application to be made in an environment with chemical and corrosive substances. In dangerous areas where explosive, flammable gases and liquids are present, it is very important that all assembly elements such as all fasteners, cables, junction boxes and fittings that may cause sparks are ex-proof.


Termination and Fasteners

EL-ECNLH-Ex End Seal kits

EL-ECNLH-Ex Sonlandırma Kiti (End Seal kits)

PDF: EL-ECNLH-Ex Sonlandırma Kiti (End Termination kits)


EL-ECNLH-Ex End Seal kits


Safe Area Termination and Termination Kits

EL-ECN… End Termination Kits

PDF: EL-ECN… Sonlandırma Kiti (End Termination Kits)


ELVB_SRA …- 25 Termination Kit (Connection Kit)


Fixing Elements