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We offer the most ideal solutions for businesses and homes with a wide range of products, technological and up-to-date heating products in heat tracing and heating cables. We provide special consultancy for our products and offer the most suitable and economical product solutions for you.

Underfloor Heating Cables

Floor heating cables keep warm on your floors .With floor heating cables every time you can Dell the comfort.

Instrument Protection Products

It enables measuring instruments to make accurate measurements without being affected by the temperature difference in industrial areas.

Barrel - Gas Tube IBC Heaters

It ensures that materials with high viscosity at ambient temperatures such as industrial oil, fuel-oil, paint raw materials that are kept in plastic or metal barrels are brought to the appropriate fluidity level during transfer to production.

Control Panels and Control Elements

The panel and control elements designed for the most efficient operation of the system in heater cable applications provides the system to run smoothly by constantly controlling the system.

Accessories and Mounting (Heating Cable) Equipments

Certified accessories and assembly equipment components are suitable for use in heating cable applications. This equipment provides the smooth operation of the cable and the system in heating cable applications.

Heated Hoses

It enables materials that are fluid at high temperatures to reach the production line without losing their fluidity.

Industrial Type Immersion Heaters

With immersion heaters produced according to the desired power and need in the tank and pipe systems, water and chemical substances are kept at the desired temperature, allowing the production to run smoothly.

Special Purpose Heaters

Specially designed heaters provides that the machine and products are kept at the desired temperature.