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Instrument Box Solutions

Instrument box heat tracing allows the facility to operate in harsh outdoor conditions and protection to ensures of high cost investment.

General Details

Instrument Protection Box and Cabinets

Instrument Protection Cabinet, Cabin, Visors

Due to the incorrect measurement of a single instrument, it can cause system crashes that will cost millions of dollars. With its wide range of products, Intertec protects your hardware against the negative effects of nature as well as against human-induced effects.

Protection Against Frost (Freezeprotection)

He analyzed the formation of thermal bridging in Intertec products. Low power heaters are sufficient to provide the required temperature even at very low temperatures.

In corrosive atmospheres and environments (Corrosive atmospheres media)

In environments such as chemical, petroleum and gas enterprises and the abrasive atmosphere is formed, which causes corrosion on the contacts of electrical devices. GRP material used in Intertec products has a high resistance to many abrasive materials.

Ingress Protection

Intertec containment boxes and cabinets provide super protection against dust or water by preventing condensation and dew formation. Also to snowing IP or NEMA protection degrees.

Condensation protection

Moisture in the air will condense in sealed containers. Intertec protection systems prevent this.

Smear-Soiling (Graffiti)

Intertec Enclosure boxes are not suitable for writing and scribbling due to their smooth surface and can be easily cleaned.

Temperature regulation

Chemical and Petrochemical businesses often need temperature maintenance or heating to prevent fluid condensation and/or crystallization to perform analysis and measurement. Intertec easily meets this need with various heating panel products.

Very low/high temperatures (Extreme temperatures)

Fire resistance

Intertec uses fire-retardant GPR. This material is self-extinguishing (‘self-extinguishing’).

Compliance with hazardous areas (Hazardous area)

All equipment used in hazardous (Hazardous) environments must meet the specifications specified in IEC 60079-0. Also, it should be all antistatic, meet IP65 protection, provide the necessary security against impact. INTERTEC protection boxes and cabinets provide Ex p (pressurisation) protection.

Unauthorized access

Boxes and cabinets have lock systems to prevent unauthorized intervention.


GRP material provides excellent flexibility and mechanical strength as a result of its natural structure.

Instrument Protection Product Range

Multibox Tipi

Diabox Tipi

Minibox Tipi

Unibox Tipi

Shade and Visors

SD22 Tip Gölgelik

Diashade Tip Gölgelik

Switch Koruma Kanopisi

Wardrobes and Cabins

Classic Tip Kabinler

Basic Tip Kabinler

Panel Heaters

Sabit Güçlü Isıtıcılar

Self Regulating Tipi Isıtıcılar

Panel Isıtıcı Termostatları

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