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Ramp and Driveway Ice and Snow Melting Systems, Ramp Heating

Garage ramps, viaducts and roads icing are important causes of accidents. Ice formation can be prevented by correct project design and heating cable application.

General Details

Ramp Heating, Road Heating, Garage Entrance Heating Systems

Ramp Heating with Heating Cable, Road Heating, Garage Entrance Snow Ice Prevention

Ramp heating system , include heating cable, temperature and moisture sensors and control unit. When the air temperature and humidity  reaches the snow or freezing level  the system starts working. when the melting complete the system is stop and does not consume energy.

Advantages of Road Ramp Heating System:

  • Heating cables does not harm the concrete or asphalt surfaces it is applied to, like salt and other chemicals.
  • The system works completely automatically. There is no delay and labor cost.
  • There is no need for snow plows or shovel-like equipment.
  • Heating cables do not allow the formation of hidden ice. Snow and sand heaps are not formed.
  • The system does not need maintenance.
Yol Rampa Isıtma

Ramp Heating

where icing will be prevented ,heating cables are applied under the floor on the ground . Then problem is safely solved with automatic temperature and humidity control.

Energy consumption is optimized by the system’s automatic controlled operation. The heater cable system saves energy by not working in dry cold or in weather without risk of icing.

During the winter season, icing on ramps can be challenging for vehicles and people. The commonly known method to prevent icing on ramps is the salting process. However , this process damages the insulation made for the waterproofing of ramps and asphalt over time. As a time, the road becomes deformed and damaged.  At this point, Form Engineering heating cables can solve the problems. It is possible to prevent snow and icing completely with electric heating cables.

Instead of heating the whole area in vehicle ramps, snow ice prevention system is applied only on the surfaces where the wheels will touch. For example. If there will be only vehicle entrance or exit, snow ice prevention system is applied according to the area of the 2 wheel tracks.

The purpose here is to serve nature and humanity by minimizing the energy consumption ,while eliminating the negative conditions

In this application, heating mats are generally used. The width of these mats is 50 cm and they are prepared based on the wheel width of an average vehicle. These mats are used in many applications due to their long life and easy application.

Some ramps may not be suitable for vehicle passage. The whole area can be heated only on ramps suitable for afoot crossings. Unless there is any external damage to the system, it is guaranteed for long years of very well operation.


Rampa Isıtma

Ramp Heating


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Ramp Heating


Yol Isıtma

Ramp Heating


Yol Isıtma

Ramp Heating



Yol Rampa Isıtma

Ramp Heating



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