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Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are the only solution for the transport of liquids with constant temperature and non-rigid transport ways.

General Details

Electrical Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses

Isıtılmış Hortumlar

Heated Hoses

Electrically heated hoses are ideal for transporting liquids and gases without heat loss, requiring flexibility.
The choice of heated hoses is determined by variables such as temperature, power, outer sheath, application.

Isıtılmış Hortumlar

Isıtılmış Hortumlar

Application Fields

Analysis Facilities

In anti-freeze / temperature protection: 5-450 ° C heating range; Typical nominal diameter of inner hose: 4 to 10 mm


Industrial Applications

Pressurized Heated Hoses For freezing prevention / temperature protection: 5 – 450 ° C Typical nominal diameter of inner hose: 8 to 100 mm


1. Inner hose
2. Sensor: It is placed between the inner hose and the heater cable for accurate measurement of the temperature.
3 a. Heating Cable3a
3b. Spacer: Glass fiber roving to keep the heating cable in equal spacing.
3. Insulation: selected based on the highest operating temperature.
4. Outer Jacket: The flexibility required by the application is determined by the outdoor temperature.
5. End caps: End caps seal off heated hoses at both ends.

Heated hoses

Eltherm is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. Special production is made according to the request and application. Thus, the transported liquid or gas is transferred at the required temperature.

Areas of application for heated hoses:

  • Carrying the sample taken from the flue gas to the analyzer
  • Taking gas samples on portable analyzers in the field.
  • In the transmission of fluids with moving lines.
  • In the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • In the food industry
  • In the spray arms of glue and various adhesives. Especially in the automotive industry.
  • In packaging technologies / hot glue systems, packaging, labeling machines
  • In surface coating technologies
  • Food Industries, bottling systems
  • Polyurethane Foam production and application sectors
  • In epoxy resin systems
  • Washing with hot water, steam cleaning, pipe washing
  • In dosing systems
  • Heavy oil, oil lines
  • Coating and double glazing paste applications in glass industry
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