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Barrel – Gas Cylinder IBC Heaters

Insulated heaters are required for barrels and gas cylinders that can be carried continuously. It can be of various sizes and strengths. Ex-proof types are also available.

General Details

Belt, Jacket and IBC Container Type

Gas Tube Heaters

Materials with high viscosity at ambient temperatures such as industrial oil, fuel oil, paint raw materials kept in plastic or metal barrels are required to the appropriate fluidity level during transfer to production. Freezing materials in barrels pose a significant problem, especially for many facilities located in regions where bad weather conditions. The most efficient application method to prevent these problems is to provide heating by using belt type, jacket type or cabinet type barrel heaters.

Different solutions are offered according to the application method of each facility. There are heaters of different sizes and different powers for heating all kinds of barrels or IBC tanks used in product storage in industrial facilities.

Belt Type Barrel Heater

Red-Silicone 0-120 C Heater Belt (belt-band)
Silicone belt /band heaters reduce the viscosity of high viscosity, such as soaps, oils, foodstuffs, paints, and provide easy pumping and discharging practically and economically. Standard sizes are available in stock, but heaters can be manufactured to customers requirements

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Barrel Heaters



Jacket Type Barrel Heaters 0-90 C

Jacket (cover) type heater for cylindrical containers such as barrels, barrels, buckets, gas tubes with a heating capacity of 0-90o C.

Jacket type heaters use significantly less energy than conventional Belt /band heaters. Jacket type heating in barrel and IBC container heaters is the easiest, fastest and most convenient method to maintain the temperature of industrial materials.

  • Teflon / Polyester Jacket
  • Needle Polyester Insulation
  • Silicone insulated heating cable
  • Adjustable Quick-release Buckles
  • 3-meter power cable
  • Sizes for standard 25 L, 50 L, 105 L, 200 L
  • Possibility to adjust thermostat 0-40 º C or 0-90 C interval
  • Approximate warm-up time for 48 hours (200 L water from + 15 jacket C to + 60 C with 450W jacket type heater)
  • IP40 Protection
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Barrel Heaters











Jacket Type Barrel Heaters

High Temperature 0-200 C

This barrel Heater is specially designed for products where standard barrel heaters are insufficient, requiring high temperature to reduce their melting temperature or viscosity.

  • Silicone fibreglass fabric jacket
  • Glass fibre blanket
  • Silicone insulated heating cable
  • Adjustable, easy to open the buckle
  • 3-meter power cable
  • Sizes for standard 25 L, 50 L, 105 L, 200 L
  • The thermostat can be adjusted between 0-200 C.
  • IP40 Protection
  • Approximate heating time 24 hours (1200L of water with a 1200 W jacket heater from + 15ºC to + 80º C)
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Jacket Type Barrel Heaters








IBC Container Heaters

Jacket IBC heaters are more efficient and use significantly less energy than other heaters.

IBC Container Heater features:

  • Teflon / Polyester jacket
  • Needle polyester insulation
  • Silicone insulated spiral wound resistance element
  • Adjustable buckles for easy opening
  • Heating time approx. 2 × 1000 W from + 15 yeC to + 50ºC in 48 hours (1000 L with waterproof cover)
  • 3-meter power cable
  • Dual power circuit
  • Thermostat 0-90 C
  • IP40 Protection
  • The insulation cover must be requested additionally
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IBC Container Heater

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