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Underfloor Heating Cables

Underfloor Heating Cables

Underfloor heating with Heating Cable

Indoor floor heating cables are series resistance heating cables. There are certain lengths with certain resistance values ​​with 220 volt supply energy. After the power value is calculated according to certain calculations and the required power is calculated according to the heat loss required for the heating of the application volume, application is made with series resistant cables that meet this power.

Our floor heating cables have fluoropolymer insulation on the resistor, metal mesh on top and polyolefin sheath on the outermost part. It is terminated with 2.5 meters cold ends. It works under the ground and quietly.

Heating cables can be single-conductor and 5 mm outer diameter terminated with cold ends on both sides, or they can be double-conductor and 6 mm outer diameter terminated with cold ends at one end. It can be furnished in accordance with any area and any plan as desired. Overcurrent protection and thermostats provide complete security.

Floor heating mats consist of flexible, strong fiberglass mattresses on which the thin heating element is properly fixed. Thanks to its ease of installation, it can be assembled with an easy do-it-yourself application without the need for a technician.

Fluoropolymer insulated heating cables are used in Under-Laminated Floor Heating mats. These cables are sandwiched between two reinforced aluminum foil layers. The uniform distribution of the heating elements and the aluminum foil provide a uniform heat distribution. The heating element is connected to a power supply cable and this cable emerges from one corner of the laminated mat. The power cable is a two-conductor, flat, thin and flexible cable. It has metal mesh and external insulation on top. There are those with a power of 80 W / m2 and 140 W / m2 depending on the heating requirements. In the factory environment, it is offered for sale in certain lengths, fabricated with cold ends and tested.

In underfloor heating systems, since the temperature will rise from the ground, it will spread most efficiently in its environment. Since the heated air will rise, the floor cold ceiling will not be hot as in other systems.

Electric heating cable provides many advantages over other floor heating systems in the indoor environment. It does not require any odor, maintenance or repair. It does not occupy any volume. The heat spreads homogeneously over the entire surface. Therefore, temperature differences do not occur in the heating area. It has a wide range of uses. It is frequently used in baths, bathrooms and winter gardens. In the selection of heat calculations, cables with series resistance are used at powers such as 17 watt-m-20 watt / m.