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Barrel – Gas Tube IBC Heaters

Jacket-type Barrel Heaters

Belt Type Barrel Heaters, IBC heaters

Barrel and IBC Container Heaters are the ideal solutions to keep the fluid in the barrel at the desired temperature or viscosity or to prevent the freezing of the fluid.

At room temperature, many materials often have poor fluidity, making it difficult to drain liquid from IBC Containers and Barrels. Pouring syrup, sugar, glue, paint, resin oils and other liquids is difficult for materials with reduced fluidity and often results in waste of products due to the high viscosity not being able to separate from the drum. This causes applications to become more costly.

Equipped with an electronic and easy-to-use thermostat adjustable from 0 – 200ºC or 0 – 90ºC, these barrel heaters ensure that the fluid is kept at the desired temperature for all purposes. The heating system is activated according to the set temperature, and when the temperature reaches the desired level, the system automatically shuts down. In this way, the barrel heating process takes place efficiently.

Barrel Warmer Jackets and IBC Container Warmer Jackets with various temperature range are designed with durable, long-lasting, high-quality, lightweight insulating fabrics, and the construction together with an easy-open woven belt makes it easy to attach the barrel heater to any standard size barrel.

Durable and high-quality material and robust tie-down belts make the barrel heater durable during transport and at the same time ensure a very long life.

Barrel Heater Jackets, IBC Container Heating Jackets and siliconized heaters are ideal solutions for mobile barrels and IBC containers that require continuous pouring. Barrel heaters and IBC container heaters can be used together with heating cabinets or heating furnaces used during transportation or in other processes and can be combined to reduce heat loss to zero in transportation or other processes.

Adjustable at various temperatures, Barrel Heaters and IBC Container Heaters can be used for a variety of heating purposes, including heating oil, diesel fuel, resin, glue, paint and water, or other industrial liquids that need to have a consistent temperature or viscosity.

NOTE: We recommend the use of insulated covers for drums and IBC containers for faster and optimum heating process. This item is sold separately. The lid is easily attached to the top of the container, minimizing heat loss.