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Cold Room Concrete Protection

The effect of freezing under on insulation should be prevented. Also in this application, frost is prevented in the defrost lines and front of the doors.

General Details

Concrete Protection with Heating Cables in Cold Rooms

Cold Room De-Frost Line Heating, Cold Room Concrete Heating

Underfloor heating system is applied with a heating cable to protect the concrete ın cold storage rooms.

No matter how well cold room floors are insulated from the floor, high temperature differences cause the concrete floor above the ground to be exposed to minus degrees. The water in the soil freezes and the expanding water pushes the floor upwards, causing breaks and distortions in the floor. Heating cables are applied under the insulation to prevent concrete cracking problems.

Heating cables are applied on the steel mesh. The heating cable applications purpose is to protect the floors of -20 and -40 cold stores. Continuous closing and opening of the cold room door causes cold and hot weather to mixing. This causes icing, which can cause accidents at the door sill.

Underfloor heating  cable can be applieed two ways with heating cable,in cold storage rooms.

1-)Genaeraly  it is the most efficient and easy method to do by fixing the heating cables to the steal mesh during Construction. Heating cables will not to be affected by external effects and will serve for years.

2-)Heating cable can be applied on the concreate during the renovation. The same type of heating cables are used in this method. Heating cables or mats are shipped to the field as ready-made m2 / Watt power suitable for the project in certain length and width.

The fixing of the heating cables to the steel mesh in concrete is a method we offen apply in new construction projects. Steel mesh is a more accurate application in terms of engineering by preventing the order and form of heating cables from distrupted during the concrete laying phase.

Heating cable and thermostat sensor are applied as backup ın cold storage concrete heating systems. This system provides years of trust for the security and emergency.

Cold room concrete heating cables are guaranteed for 20 years.




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