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Cabinets and Shelters

Protective cabinets and shelters

Reinforced glassfibre polyester Cabinets

INTERTEC has developed special manufacturing techniques for decades to create rigid and durable cabinets and Cabinets for harsh working environments such as oil, gas and chemical processing plants.

Typically, we use GRP sandwich constructions that surround the inner and outer surfaces of insulating PU foam cores. This construction technique combines both strength and rigidity with a high degree of environmental protection.

Three building principles: BASIC, CLASSIC and the versatile ARCTIC Shelter allow us to build cabinets and shelters of different sizes and durability to meet the spectrum of working conditions and climates. Standard products can be customized in many ways to provide certain performance characteristics, including:

  • IP65 / IP54 protection
  • Fire safety (up to 120 minutes)
  • extreme heat insulation (Arctic conditions)
  • Resistant to wind (up to 240 km / h), explosion, earthquake
  • Explosion proof (according to IEC, ATEX, CSA, GOST, Nepsi)
  • Anti Static
  • Passively cooled
  • Heat resistant (up to 160 C)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Leak proof floor
  • UV resistant gel coat

BASIC Cabinet

Light duty cabinets for standalone or wall mounted applications (standard IP65). Available in sizes up to 2 m high, 1.3 m wide and 1 m deep. Double-walled GRP coatings with PU foam core provide excellent durability.


It is a proven design in tens of thousands of applications, typically with bottom or rear cable entry. High tensile strength support poles made of GRP provide excellent load carrying properties. Allows easy equipment set-up and adjustability with the integrated C-tip rail or mounting plate. It can be made in almost any size, typically up to 3 m high. Many variations are possible, including floor materials and construction (e.g. special edges for sealing)


GRP provides excellent thermal insulation properties together with high structural strength and durability with its sandwich structure and gel coating techniques. Insulation thickness can be changed to suit the application. The maximum size is virtually unlimited (INTERTEC’s purpose-built factory can make single-piece walls and roofs up to approximately 6 x 3 m for leak-proof).


INTERTEC can provide shelters with ISO standard edges and stainless-steel frames to facilitate transportation.


It combines the flame-retardant properties of GRP with sandwich construction techniques that incorporate the inner cores of mineral wool or other materials. This provides thermal insulation with fire safety features for up to 120 minutes to protect equipment such as emergency shutoff valves and actuators. Cabinets or cabinets can be produced using this technique. INTERTEC meets many national and international fire standards (contact us for details).