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Sports Field Heating

The most useful solution for icing and snow accumulation occurring in sports fields is provided with underground heating cables.

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Floor Heating Systems in Football Fields

Underfloor Heating in Grass Fields, Stadiums

With the effect of snow and icing in the winter months, the competitions on the sports fields are held in bad field conditions. in some cases it never happens.
The most effective method to eliminate snow accumulation and icing, which reduces the health of the player and the pleasure of watching, is to apply underground heating.
With the application of underground heating cable, suitable ground conditions are provided for the competitions to take place. Also, serious deformation that may occur in the grass is prevented. In this way, huge expenses that may occur due to damage to the field are prevented and the competitions can be played on time.

Stadyum Isıtma

Stadyum Isıtma





The underground heating system, which was first applied in the Goodison Park Stadium in 1958 in England, is currently used on the floors of many outdoor sports fields. The establishment of this system has been made mandatory in Germany Bundesliga and many leagues.

Halı Saha Isıtma

Halı Saha Isıtma


One of the most important sports branches in our country is football. Huge investments are made in football in many parts of the world. Our country is one of these countries. The real fruits of these investments are related to the ground and conditions of football as much as the quality of football played on the field. One of the factors determining the quality of football is that the field is suitable for playing football. Especially in winter, the grass is damaged by snowfall. When the frosted ground melts later, it causes some problems in the grass and ground. As a result of the repetition of this process over and over, the grass loses its softness completely and dies. The suitability of the field will definitely increase the quality of football. Injuries due to snow and ice occur . It is known that 90 percent of these are caused by the icing of the field.
This system, which has been applied abroad for years and has started to be applied in some football fields in our country. Especially in the football fields of big football teams, this system is common and its results are many. System installation should be done with expert engineers and technical staff. This system, which will be applied on the field ground, is completely automatic and does not need to be intervened by anyone. No maintenance or repair is required. When viewed from the outside, you do not even know about the existence of the system. It works without any problems for many years as long as it is not particularly harmed and no external cutting, piercing or predatory material is applied. The heating cables prevent the icing of the grass by activating the system immediately after the temperature drops below 0 degrees and the humidity that forms the icing factor in the field without damaging the field floor.

Halı Saha Isıtma

Halı Saha Isıtma

The thermostat communicating with the humidity and temperature sensor activates the energy cables through the contactor, and the energized heating cables heat up the system.
So, a dry ground, undamaged grass, spectators who have the pleasure of watching quality football on the field, and us who have the opportunity to watch a quality football in front of the television at home.

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