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Panel & Cabinet Panel Heaters

Cabin and Cabin heaters that provide the necessary temperature inside the cabins are very special.

General Details

Enclosure and Cabin heaters

Instrument Box and Panel Heaters

Correct measurement is a prerequisite for the uninterrupted and efficient operation of the enterprise. For this reason, it is necessary to heat the impulse line (tubing), manifold and instruments in order to ensure that the instruments in the box and cabin inside the field can make healthy measurements (winterizing) in winter conditions.

Panel Isıtıcı

Panel Heater

Enclosure and Convection Heaters

These types of heaters heat the air in the storage box / cabinet, and all the instruments, manifold, electronic devices, valves etc. together they are protected against frost. The point that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing this heater is that it has the power to raise it to the required temperature for the entire volume.

Instrument Heaters (Conduction Heater)

Protected instruments are in direct surface contact with this type of heaters. Heat is transferred to the instrument more effectively by conduction. Here, the heater aims only to heat the coupled instrument.

Both heaters have ex-proof and normal options.

Ex-Panel Heaters

CP MEGATHERM D.A Electric heater

CP MICROTHERM DNA……Electric heater

CP MULTITHERM D.A Electric heater

CP VARITHERM DPA … Electric heater

SL BLOCKTHERM Self-limiting Block Heater

SL DSETHERM Self-limiting Block Heater

SL MINITHERM Self-limiting Heater


Non Ex-Panel Heaters

CP MEGATHERM C.A Electric heater

CP MICROTHERM C Electric heater

CP MULTITHERM C Electric heater

CP VARITHERM CPA … Electric heater

SL BLOCKTHERM C Self-limiting Block Heater


SL MINITHERM C Self-limiting Heater

SL POSTTHERM CNA Self-limiting Block Heater


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