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28 July 2020

Turkish Bath Heating Systems

Electrical Floor Hammam Heating

Rezistans Kablo

Hamam is one of the indispensable elements of our culture. Today’s bath heating system is made using pipes laid under the floor. However, this system causes major problems over time. Turkish Bath Heating system with heating cables doesn’t need maintenance and repair. After the installation phase, the cable is not maintained in any way.

Water passing through the pipes causes clogging in the pipes by causing calcification over time. In this case, the pipes should be cut and re-assembled with new pipes. Since there is no pipe system in electric heating, we cannot talk about problems such as clogging, puncture, rupture. In water systems, heat cannot be distributed homogeneously and partial cold/hot regions are formed.
Since electricity is one of the cleanest energy sources, human health is not adversely affected by this situation. Each zone can be adjusted to the desired temperature.
This system attracts a lot of attention, especially for homeowners. It is a system especially preferred by people who want to bring the pleasure of a bath to their home. You can enjoy Turkish bath at home according to your wishes. Form Engineering has been providing its customers with the bath heating system with electrical cable since 1992.

In the bath heating system, the floor, sitting areas, knee (calf) areas, belly stones and walls are heated with an electric heating cable. These zones can be adjusted to the desired temperature using sensors placed in the desired areas. Form Engineering provides its customers with a 20-year warranty on heating cables (resistance cables) and a 2-year warranty on thermostats. Considering that a 20-year warranty is equal to the life of an average building, we can better understand how robust and non-risky the system is. This system is used in large baths in complex buildings as well as in detached houses. Form Engineering with its experience of more than 27 years and its experienced technical assembly team, to always help you and provide correct information; invites its customers to our office located in İvedik Organized Industrial area in Ankara.

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