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Sun Shades and Canopies

Intertec Sun shades and canopies

To protect instruments, enclosures, switches

Shades can provide a high degree of protection to field equipment at very low cost. They can protect the instrumentation from rain, snow, dust and accidental impacts, as well as extreme temperature rises that could cause a deviation in measurement accuracy (and impact reliability).

Shades can provide all the environmental protection required for some applications, while in other cases they can reduce the cost of cooling systems needed in protective enclosures. INTERTEC provides two variants (SD and DIASHADE) in a wide variety of sizes – allowing users to set the optimum shade for any application. A smaller canopy (SD17) suitable for protecting outdoor switches and controls is also available.


A small canopy with a bracket that allows it to be attached directly to a transmitter body (brackets available for different device manufacturers)


The diagonally beveled edges protect equipment from the sun and UV radiation, while providing excellent access to devices – reading screens, actuating valves, etc. Solutions for single to three transmitter installations are available in size options.

SD Series

SD series shades offer many size options, while being ideal for shading instrument housings to minimize lost heat. Various mounting elements are available for mounting on the pipe.

Switch Protection Canopies

The SD17 simple canopy made of robust GRP provides protection for open air emergency stop switches and other controls in processing facilities. It protects against accidental knocks as well as rain / snow, condensation and dust.

INTERTEC designed this series of canopies at the request of a German refinery and was used as a solution upon this after a costly shutdown of the plant after a dropped pier part activated an emergency shut-off button.