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Custom Manufacturing Insulation Jackets

Our leadership in this field is certain with our heat tracing applications in hundreds of facilities. These applications create the standards in this business area.

General Details

Heated and Standard Type Insulation Jackets

Insulation Jackets

It can be produced from a wide variety of materials, depending on the temperature information and operating environment. Insulation jackets are made of fiberglass industrial woven fabric of various standards that can provide high temperature insulation. While silicone impregnated fiberglass fabric jacketing provides excellent oil, moisture and abrasion resistance, PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is used for corrosive environments. For applications requiring vapor or hydrocarbon barriers, it is also possible to supply fiberglass fabrics laminated with metal foil.

Problems occurring due to heat loss in the fluids, especially in the control and control elements, may cause disruption and significant losses in the entire operating system. In addition, preventing direct contact of the personnel with high temperatures is an issue that cannot be neglected due to the health and safety of the personnel. Insulation jackets are the solution in many similar situations.

Heating jackets, which are generally made of silicone coated glass fiber fabric as standard, can be manufactured from double layer silicone fabric, teflon or antistatic fabrics to suit the indoor or outdoor environment.

In industrial facilities, it is a must to produce tailor-made special unheated and heated jackets for elements that do not have a standard geometric structure. Heated jackets can provide heating from 100 ° C to 300 ° C and heat resistance up to 1000 ° C.

Thermal insulation depending on the operating temperature of the equipment: usually 25 mm needled glass fiber blanket (130 – 150kg / m3) (30mm) Fittings; Heat-based sewing thread and metal hooks and their binding wires are used. Form Engineering labels on jackets contain equipment type, diameter and other necessary information.

Insulation jackets can only be used to reduce heat loss depending on the need, and heated jackets are used especially in instruments and elements of fluids.

Insulation jackets;

With their flexible structures and special manufacturing possibilities, they are produced in a form suitable for elements with different geometric structures.

It provides energy saving and affects cost. It pays for itself in a short time.

It protects the instruments from external factors and extends their usage time.

They can be easily attached and removed within minutes when needed. It is resistant to oil, moisture and erosion.

They are very light and easy to carry and stocked easily. It does not require extra support in instrument applications.

It can be mounted and dismounted in the plant after the assembly is completed and without stopping the operation.

Thanks to its anti-static structure, it can be used safely in dangerous (explosive) areas.

Optimum benefit is achieved by using insulation material suitable for application conditions.

Heated Insulation Jackets:

Heated Insulation Jackets:
Like all thermal insulation, insulation jackets also reduce heat loss, but they cannot prevent it completely. Despite the insulation, heat loss will continue depending on the time, fluid temperature, insulation type and thickness. Especially in cases where there is no flow, significant heat losses or even freezes may be experienced during system stops depending on the outdoor temperature. In this case, the lost heat is provided by the appropriate structure and power heating cables placed in the jacket.

The required temperature is determined by considering the dimensions of the jacket and the minimum ambient temperature conditions of the operating environment used. Due to the applicability and flexibility of the heater to the structure of the jacket, a heater cable is used as a heater.

The heater, junction box and all other accessories used in dangerous (explosive) environments must be ex-proof.

Heated and unheated jackets for standard sized Barrels and IBCs, which are widely used in the storage and transportation of liquids, can be obtained from our stock at any time. You can also examine our Ex-proof Barrel heater and Ex-proof IBC heaters.

Project-specific production of Heated Insulation Jackets:

Applications: Elements such as pumps, valves, check valves, flanges, filters, pipes and elbow-tee parts of pipes, measuring-control devices, transmitters and similar elements are application areas.

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