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We work with our expert engineer staff and experienced team in heating cable applications. We have been the leading company in the industry since 1992 with our heat tracing and heating cable solutions.

Pipeline Heating with Heating Cable (Pipe Freeze Prevention)

Our leadership in this field with our heat tracing applications in a large industrial areas is unquestionable.. These applications have create our standards.

Roof and Gutter Icing Prevention

Snow load on the roofs and blocking of gutters with ice creates many problems.Prevent icing with heating cable the only practical solition to these problems.

Floor Heating

Heating the volumes with an electric heating cable is an economical and healthy method; provides high comfort.

Prevention of Snow and Ice on Ground

When used together with smart thermostats specially manufactured for Snow and Icing, they provide an energy efficient and fully automatic heating system.

Ramp and Driveway Ice and Snow Melting Systems, Ramp Heating

Garage ramps, viaducts and roads icing are important causes of accidents. Ice formation can be prevented by correct project design and heating cable application.

Heating of Mosques and Masjids with Electric Cable

Yüzlerce tesisteki heattracing uygulamalarımız ile bu alandaki liderliğimiz tartışılmazdır. Bu uygulamalarımız standartları oluşturmuştur.

Turkish Bath Heating

Turkish Baths, the most practical and efficient heating solutions are provided with heating cables, which can control each region separately.

Silo and Tank Heating

Moisture and condensation will cause the material in the silo and tank to corruption and stick. It also creates a lot problems in terms of flue gases. To prevent these problems, the tank sufaces are heated.

Custom Manufacturing Insulation Jackets

Our leadership in this field is certain with our heat tracing applications in hundreds of facilities. These applications create the standards in this business area.

Heat Tracing Applications in Hazardous Area

ATEX Certified Product Groups, we provide solutions with our ex-proof product groups for all kinds of industrial facilities with explosion risk, thanks to our representation offices with companies that have proven their reliability such as INTERTEC, ELTHERM (GmbH), CHROMALOX (USA) and our 28 years of engineering experience.

Cold Room Concrete Protection

The effect of freezing under on insulation should be prevented. Also in this application, frost is prevented in the defrost lines and front of the doors.

Industrial Insulation

In HeatTracing applications, correct insulation is very important in order to get results. Otherwise, heat loss cannot be prevented.

Sports Field Heating

The most useful solution for icing and snow accumulation occurring in sports fields is provided with underground heating cables.

Rai Ice Prevention System

Freezing must be prevented especially in rail trusses and critical areas,This İssue requires experience and special equipment.

Instrument Box Solutions

Instrument box heat tracing allows the facility to operate in harsh outdoor conditions and protection to ensures of high cost investment.

Panel & Cabinet Panel Heaters

Cabin and Cabin heaters that provide the necessary temperature inside the cabins are very special.

Barrel – Gas Cylinder IBC Heaters

Insulated heaters are required for barrels and gas cylinders that can be carried continuously. It can be of various sizes and strengths. Ex-proof types are also available.

Bunker Heating

In our country, winter season varies change by regions. where winter conditions are hard It affects industrially negatively in this regions

Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are the only solution for the transport of liquids with constant temperature and non-rigid transport ways.

Industrial Heaters

Immersion and circulation type heaters , air heaters, fan heaters hot water and steam generator commonly used by the industrial field