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Electric Heat Trace Control Systems

Electric Heat Trace Control Systems

Electric Heat Trace Control Panels and Equipment

In heating cable applications, control panels of certain sizes and powers are required to adjust the operating temperatures and times of the cables in industrial and structural areas.

In industrial pipelines, in heating cable applications, a signal is sent to the control panel by using various control elements to prevent freezing of the material passing through the pipe or to keep it at a certain temperature. When it reaches the desired temperature value, the system is turned off by the control equipment in the control panel. There is PLC control or thermostat control in the control panel.

Control panels and control elements used in ex-proof areas must be EX certified products. Right safety is provided by using products suitable for explosive areas in ex-proof areas.

Although ex-proof products are more expensive than other products, they must be used in explosive areas. Problems have occurred in many areas due to the use of uncertified products.

Control panels and control elements used in structural applications are different from those used in the industrial field. In structural applications, the control elements are activated by looking at the outdoor temperature and the precipitation or humidity in the outdoor environment. Air temperature and humidity factor are important in sensors used in structural field. When the system feels below freezing temperature, it is activated by analyzing the risk of freezing and icing by looking at the humidity. In dry colds or when there is no risk of icing, the system does not activate and provides electrical efficiency. In snow ice prevention systems without control panel; Problems such as unnecessary hours of work due to the system opened after snowfall or forgotten systems by people or the system opening after icing did not thaw.

In anti-freezing and anti-icing systems in heater cable applications. Control panels, which form the heart of the system, are designed according to their power and safety classes. Control panels that increase in size according to their power can also change size according to the number of control elements placed on them. Control equipment used in outdoor environments is made in IP67 standards. 45 level will be sufficient as IP class for control equipment operating in the indoor environment.

Control panel and equipment should be selected carefully in heating cable applications. Fuse types should be changed to B and C series according to the type of cables. In the use of self-regulating cable, the fuses should be applied as C type with delayed type. All product groups selected for the smooth and efficient operation of the system must be approved by engineer teams. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the cables or stop in the production line.