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Intertec Instrument Protection Boxes

Intertec Instrument Boxes

Instrumentation enclosures

INTERTEC offers six standard Enclosure box options to protect field installed equipment. A variety of size factors and set-up features, combined with a choice of sizes, allow easy configuration of optimum and cost-effective environmental protection for almost any instrumentation or control application. Protection boxes are made of a special high performance glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP).

This fire resistant material is extremely robust, virtually immune to damage from chemical and petrochemical environments, and has a strength almost equivalent to stainless steel, and has only a quarter of the weight of stainless steel. (See INTERTEC’s GRP material.)

MULTIBOX Instrument Protection Boxes (Top or Bottom tube entry)

MULTIBOX is a two-piece enclosure box with a deep or wide section (facilitating access to almost any part of the equipment) that can be mounted vertically or horizontally and used as a cover. Instrumentation is generally produced in a way that upper or lower tubing entry can be made except for the glass surface. It is mounted via C type rails. Seven standard sizes provide 25 to 170 liters / 0.88 to 6 ft3 of volume.

DIABOX ™ Instrument Protection Boxes (with rear or bottom tube insert)

DIABOX ™ is a two-piece enclosure with diagonal opening feature that provides very easy access to field equipment for maintenance.

Tube entry is typically at the back or bottom. There are three sizes, each of which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. When mounted vertically, sizes range from 87 to 187 liters / 3.07 to 6.6 ft3.

MINIBOX 21 Instrument Protection Boxes (Mounted On Instrument)

MINIBOX 21, this compact enclosure can be mounted on a single transmitter. It is sized for cost-effective enclosure to protect transmitters from overheating.

It can also be equipped to protect against frost. The two-piece rectangular shape measures 21.8 x 30 x 38.8 cm (21 liters / 0.74 ft3). A patented design allows both sides of the MINIBOX to open around the hinge, fully exposing the equipment for easy space access.

UNIBOX Instrument Protection Boxes (Bottom tube entry)

The UNIBOX is a two-piece enclosure with a large top half that is open and folded open for easy access to the top, front, back and sides of field equipment for maintenance purposes. Ideal places where tube entry should be made over the base. There are four sizes ranging from 43 to 63 liters / 1.5 to 2.2 ft3.

MESC Instrument Protection (in Shell standards)

Manufactured to provide a two-piece enclosure to protect field instrumentation, with removable fins for manifold operation. It is manufactured to meet Shell’s MESC standard.

BASIC VARIO Instrument Protection Boxes (Rear, upper side tube entry)

BASIC VARIO wall / floor mounted protection boxes are made using Intertec’s unique sandwich structure, with GRP coatings surrounding the foam for effective insulation (providing top level energy savings). It offers three standard size volumes of 235-309 liters (8.3-10.9 ft3) that are found between the upper limits of most field instrument enclosures and smaller cabinets.