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Industrial Heaters

Immersion and circulation type heaters , air heaters, fan heaters hot water and steam generator commonly used by the industrial field

General Details

Industrial Type Process Heaters

Industrial Immersion and Circulation Type Heaters

Immersion and circulation type heaters, various air heaters, fan heaters, hot water and steam producers are the heating products that are used in the industry.

Some of the industrial heaters are in-panel heaters, immersion heaters, etc. Indoor industrial heaters are very important for panel life. The interior of the panels is exposed to oxidation and moisture due to seasonal changes. This humidity causes water to accumulate on the equipped devices in the panel in time and deterioration occurs in a short time. In general, heaters producing 100 W of power should be placed in the panel according to international standards. The power of the heaters placed in the panel can be increased in regions with high humidity. The position of the in-panel heaters within the panel is also very important. It is preferred to be placed in the lower part of the panel because the heated air will rise and the amount of moisture reaching the upper areas will decrease as it rises. While the position of the panel heaters in the panel is important, attention should be paid to the distance to the electrical equipment in the panel. They should be placed 10cm-15cm away from materials that may be affected by temperature.

This types of the heater have many advantages. Some of those; provide a homogeneous distribution of heat with the cooling leaves on its body. It is efficient and very long-lasting. It insulates electricity very well. They are very resistant to vibration, corrosion and dusty environments. Since heat spreads through convection, it also prevents possible perspiration and condensation. It is compact due to its small structure. The other type of industrial heater is the immersion type heaters. There are flanged and non-flanged types of immersion heaters. Very large tanks can be heated more with these heaters. The resistance structure is produced in each region of the temperature and is spread. There are only flanged and non-flanged versions. Technically, there are varieties such as single-phase or 3 phase according to the supply voltage types. Usually, they are used to heat oil and water. But, they are also used today to keep some chemical substances at a certain temperature so that they do not lose their properties. Immersion type industrial heaters can also be used in triangle or star connection depending on the user’s needs. The products have the opportunity to work in various voltages. Since they can be used in voltage options such as 230 and 400 volts, they are preferred in the industrial field.

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