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Bunker Heating

In our country, winter season varies change by regions. where winter conditions are hard It affects industrially negatively in this regions

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Bunker Heating with Heat Tracing Heating Cables

Heating Cable Applications in Bunkers and Tanks

In our country, the winter season varies according to the regions. Industrial applications are also anegatively affected in regions where winter conditions are hard. This situation may be a decrease in efficiency from time to time or in some cases freezing of pipes, tanks and bunkers in the facility. It is possible to prevent this negative situation with the heating cable that is wrapped outside the tanks or bunkers. İt depends for the system to work with full efficiency, the heat loss calculation by done correctly . While engineering calculations, many factors such as outdoor temperature, minimum ambient temperature, maximum ambient temperature, maintain temperature should be calculated by experienced engineers. The personnel who will practice as much as the calculations in theory should be an expert on this subject. In theory, the applicability of the planned heat calculation to the surface to be actually apply should be carefully examined. Electric heating cables are the only way to heat the bunker surface in the world. There are many companies in the world in this regard. Form Engineering is leading these companies in Turkey. The cables to be used in the application are special cables and they depends on to the field conditions of the application. The most used cable type is “self regulating cable”. Self-limiting cables can be adjusted according to the size of the tanks as they are cut to wanted dimensions. Bunker heating is done for 2 purposes; ; keeping at the wanted maintain temperature and preventing freezing. In some cases, the cable used against freezing and the cable to be kept at the wanted maintain temperature may be different. Form Engineering determines the most suitable cable carefully by using programs specially designed for applications with its experienced technical staff.



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