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28 July 2020

What are the Types of Heating Cables?

Application areas of resistance cable

Self Regulating Self Limiting Cable

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Self-regulating cables are used in industrial areas and water pipelines.
These cables are identified by different names. Self Regulating – Self Limiting

Heating cables are collected in various groups according to their isolation and power.

Self Regulating Cable
Due to its special carbon structure, as the temperature of the cable increases, the energy it absorbs decreases. There are no risks of overheating.
There is no risk of damaging the applied surface or itself. It is the most preferred cable type in the industrial field. It can be used safely with materials with low-temperature resistance. They can be used in very short pieces.

Self Regulating cables are, we are the representative of Turkey is provided from two manufacturers:
1- ELTHERM / Germany
2- CHROMALOX / America

Fixed Power Heating Cable

These cables provide constant energy for every meter at every temperature. Due to their structure, the current-carrying and heat generating parts are made up of different conductors. These cables can be cut and used in any desired length. They don’t need a cold tip.
With its production range resistant to high temperatures and various strengths, it has a wide range of uses, including explosive atmospheres. These cables, which can be produced at high powers, can be used at operating temperatures up to 260 ° C with insulation materials such as Teflon-FEB, PTFE, which can resist almost all kinds of aggressive environments.

Fixed Power Cables must be controlled by means of a thermostat.

Vehicle Road Heating – Garage Heating
These applications are made with cables laid under concrete or asphalt.
Cables used by our company are guaranteed for 20 years.

Vehicle road heating, ramp heating

With the two sensors placed in the system, the heating cables are activated only in the risk of icing.
Thanks to the intelligent automation system, the system does not draw energy in dry, cold or above freezing temperatures.
Heating Cable; What is a resistance cable?
Heating Cables, i.e. resistance cables, are cables that are produced for different purposes and are suitable for use in structural and industrial areas that heat themselves when the energy is supplied.
Usage Areas of Istıcı Kablo;
In Industrial Facilities; tank heating, pipe heating, preventing freezing in pipes, keeping process lines at constant temperature, etc.
Heating Cable in Structural Area; Anti-icing, ramp heating, walkway heating, roof gutter heating, roof snow load reduction, etc. in areas with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Where is Heating Cable Used?

Heating Cable is used today in industrial areas, in production portions and to prevent freezing.
Resistance cable is a different name for the heating cable.
Heating Cable Application or Resistance Cable Application for Ramp Road Heating
In areas with human and vehicle traffic. For pedestrian and vehicle safety, road icing is prevented.
The starter cable is activated in case of snow or icing depending on the automatic control system.

Pipeline Heating – Heat Trace
Heating cables connected to automation to protect the fluidity of pipelines in industrial areas or to increase production quality. They keep the system at the desired temperature.

Isıtıcı Kablo
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