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Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses for Industrial Fields

Flexible Heated Hoses

Depending on the requirements and application, heated hoses, heated lines ensure the transfer of liquid and gaseous media without temperature loss.

All heated hoses are individually designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Our in-house development department will be pleased to meet your requirements and find a customized solution. It also offers flexible heated hoses that can be used in hazardous areas (Hazardous Area).

3 different types of heated hoses are produced according to their purpose and application areas.

Heated Hoses for Loading and Unloading

Heated Hoses for Analysis

Pressurized Heated Hoses

Heated Hoses for Loading and Unloading; It is used to load / unload oil, fat, resin, paint, bitumen, adhesives, compounds and foods without loss of temperature. They are known to be produced as Ex-proof for use in hazardous areas.

Heated Hoses for Analysis; Heated sample lines are used to transport the gaseous medium from the sampling point to an analytical measuring device. They are known to be produced as Ex-proof for use in hazardous areas.

Pressurized Heated Hoses; It serves to heat the medium, maintain a constant temperature or transport medium without loss of heat: oil, grease, wax, resin, tar, paint, water, glue, plastic, casting compound, food, etc. the hose is in most cases mounted on moving system and machine parts. They are known to be produced as Ex-proof for use in hazardous areas.


1-(Connection fitting) Assembly Connection

2-(End caps) End caps

3-(Outer Jacket) Outer jacket

4-(Insulation) Insulation

5-Trace heater and spacer

6-Temperature Sensor

7-Inner lines

8-Connection Cable


Areas of application for heated hoses:

Carrying the sample taken from the flue gas to the analyzer

Taking gas samples on portable analyzers in the field.

In mobile transmission of fluids in various industrial applications.

In the chemical and petrochemical industries.

In the food industry

In the spray arms of glue and various adhesives. Especially in the automotive industry.

In packaging technologies / hot glue systems, packaging, labeling machines

In surface coating technologies

Food Industries, bottling systems

Polyurethane Foam production and application sectors

In epoxy resin systems

Washing with hot water, steam cleaning, pipe washing

In dosing systems

Heavy oil, oil lines

Coating and insulating glass putty applications in the glass industry

In putty robots



PDF: eltherm_Heated_Hoses_Analytic_Hoses_Brochure