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Rai Ice Prevention System

Freezing must be prevented especially in rail trusses and critical areas,This İssue requires experience and special equipment.

General Details

Railway Scissors Snow-Ice Prevention Systems

Rail-Shear Heating System

Today, convenient and safe railway transportation has gained great speed. Reliable switching (point transition) and rail frost protection play an even more important role here.

ELTHERM took the challenge to find the best solution for every freezing problem in the field of rail transport. Compared to any other heating in the field of rail heating, point heating or railway transportation, the cable heating method developed by ELTHERM engineers developed the most convenient and safe solution.

Ray Isıtma

Rail Heating


In regions with frequent and long frost periods, rail and rail switches covered with snow and / or ice may cause possible accidents.

A major safety issue – Train detection systems compromise reliability from ice-covered third rails. Rescue with frozen hands or snow-covered scoring line can present a severe danger to maintenance personnel.

For trouble-free train operation in winter conditions, rail and point heating is recommended to ensure that the track surface is free of ice and snow and moves points.

Spot Heating System EL-Point

El-Nokta is an innovative point heating system developed by our engineers. It is very effective compared to traditional point heating systems.

Nokta Isıtma

Spot Heating

Rail Heating System EL-Rail

We have developed an excellent system to ensure safe and trouble-free railway traffic even when there is snow and ice. We offer a specially developed EL-Rail heating cable and mounting system, efficient and economical heating.

Ray Isıtma

Rail Heating

Brief Information About Railway Lines in Our Country Travers and Ballast System
Railway lines operated within TCDD in our country are generally ballasted, the lines built before the Republic and in the first years of the Republic are wooden sleepers. These lines have been replaced with concrete sleepers over time. The sleeper dowels, which have worn out over time, are removed by the grinding process and new dowels are placed in their place. The subway and light rail system lines built to provide urban transportation are generally ballast-free lines. In addition, in ballast systems, mobile and machine tamping machines are used to ensure that the ballast is well settled and compacted. Ballasts that have completed their useful life are removed at regular intervals with heavy construction equipment or vacuum systems and replaced with new ballasts.

Rail Types Used:
While S49 and UIC60 type rails are generally used in TCDD lines, in addition to these rails, Ri59 and Ri60 type grooved rails are also preferred in other enterprises.

Rail Resources:
Generally, while machine butt welding is performed on main lines, Termite welding (thermit) is used in many lines. In our country, Elektro thermit, Railtech and Plötz products are preferred for termite rail welding. Rail temperature should be checked during welding, and Magnetic Ray thermometer should be used for this process. In the termite welding system, the distance between the two rails should be 7 cm at most. To achieve this, stress relief machines (Rail Stressor) are used. The welding made after welding is stripped with the welding stripping machine and the remaining excess is smoothed with a rail grinding machine.

Rail Lubrication Systems
A fixed rail lubrication system is generally used to prevent rail-wheel wear and reduce the sound level, especially in urban lines, narrow curves and switches. Before the train enters the curve, lubrication is done by applying oil to the rail from the points placed at certain intervals on the return by means of a sensor. There are also some portable lubrication equipment.

Raylarda Buzlanmayı Önleme

Prevention of Ice on Rails

Rail Fasteners
They are the elements that connect the rails with each other and with the sleepers. Generally, there are turrets, bolts, clips, algebras and spring clamps. In the process of tightening and loosening these turrets and bolts, machines called tyrfonoz and bulonez are used. In addition, rail drilling machines and hand-held turphonesis are used in the assembly of algebras. In this regard, companies such as the German Vossloh group and DTM Elektro Mekanik are producing in our country.


The most crucial part of railways is signalization. The conductivity of the rails is used for signaling. Arc welding has been used in our country for years in rail crossings, however, it has been understood that this system has damaged the chemical structure of the rails and has been abandoned. Now, for rail transition connection, it is preferred to fix the bonds to the rail with aluminothermit welding or to be mounted on the rail with specially manufactured fasteners (Single Contact – Double Contact).

Copper cables with increased conductivity are used for rail connections in world standards, however, steel cables are still preferred in our country.

In Aluminothermit cable welding, the cable lugs are attached to the rail by melting the welding powder poured into specially manufactured molds on the side (web) parts of both rails.

In the other method, double-sided or one-way dowels are placed on the rail drilled by a rail drilling machine.
These dowels are fixed to the rail with a grown hydraulic dowel expansion machine (Bonding or Bonding machine). Cable lugs are mounted to these anchors with special conductive screws (contacts).

In rail drilling machines, besides the Rotabroach brand that we represent in our country, Robel and Geismar brands are also sold. In bonding machines, fasteners, bonds and contacts, ERICO is the most important manufacturer in the world. Also available in manufacturers such as Furse and KLK.

Electrification has increased in importance with the increase in high speed train lines and the transition from diesel locomotives to electric locomotives in recent years. Especially in metro and light rail systems, catenary systems are very important.

Communication (Telecommunication, Communication)
Communication can be provided through electricity lines and newly laid fiber optic cables in TCDD lines.

Railway Inspection-Control Systems

In the railway system, rail lengths, rail profiles, sleepers, fasteners and ballast material are examined separately.

The most important controls are the detection of cracks, fractures and abrasions that may occur in the transverse and longitudinal rail. Ultrasonic sound waves and laser beams are used in these detections.

In addition, there are radar systems that detect wear and tear on sleepers and the availability of ballast. These systems also control the fasteners. Periodic checks on all lines are very important in terms of life and property safety.

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