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Heating of Mosques and Masjids with Electric Cable

Yüzlerce tesisteki heattracing uygulamalarımız ile bu alandaki liderliğimiz tartışılmazdır. Bu uygulamalarımız standartları oluşturmuştur.

General Details

Electric underfloor heating systems range in wattage from about 100W to 200W per square meter. However, the system and wattage you choose will depend on the following.


How does the electric underfloor heating system work in Mosques and Masjids?

Electric underfloor heating systems range in wattage from about 100W to 200W per square meter. However, the system and wattage you choose will depend on: The size and shape of the room is how well the room is insulated, such as the floor below, the type of flooring you will have at the top. Since there are high ceilings and large volumes in mosques, it is appropriate to choose the correct heating power between 250W and 300W per square meter.


Electric underfloor heating is usually placed on top of a floor insulation layer to allow heat to move up rather than below. This is first laid on a screed (made of sand and cement) or suspended timber (floorboards on beams) to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat. The heating cables are then connected to your mains supply and also contain a sensor to help regulate the temperature. You can then use a thermostat to control the temperature and preset the system to turn it on or off.


How Should Electric Heaters Be Controlled in Mosques and Masjids?

The Floor Heating System will be controlled by thermostats that communicate with floor temperature sensors. Thanks to the thermostat planned to be implemented in the system, each thermostat will be able to control the area it belongs to independently from other regions, thus preventing unnecessary heating of unwanted areas and saving energy. Due to the variable number of congregations in mosques, it may be desirable to control the temperature of some areas separately. In these projects, it is correct to apply “heating in pure form”. Some regions can be controlled separately.


At what temperature should electric underfloor heating be?

Electrical systems operate at approximately 25-31 ° C on average. However, as the thickness of the carpets placed on the ground in mosques and masjids affects the heating time, the temperature value can be set to higher values.


How do we lay electric underfloor heating mats or cables?

A series of heating cables are laid at regular intervals over the floor concrete. Mattresses or cables can be laid on a flat surface and insulation can be placed on top. However, you will want to make sure that the cables are evenly spaced, otherwise the heat will not be evenly distributed across the floor. Because electrical systems are often fairly thin and simple to install, they can be easier and less laborious to install in an existing room than a wet heating system, requiring some space for pipes and may involve raising the floor.

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