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28 July 2020

Roof Gutter Heating

Roof Gutter Heating

As is known in our country, some regions spend the winter season hard. Roof gutters and roofs are damaged and collapse due to snow and icing. Roofs damaged due to architectural errors and engineering errors that are not prevented in time. A lot of work has been done in the past to prevent snow and icing, salting, chemical dumping, etc. However, all these were a temporary solution to the problem instead of preventing it, and some applications even damaged the structure.

No damage is done to the roof and gutter with the roof gutter heating systems with electric heating cables. Although it is not a temporary solution, it is an application form that does not have snow and icing for many years. Snow icing can be prevented by heating the roof gutters with the heating cable laid in the gutter. 2 sensors are used to prevent this system from working. These sensors are humidity and temperature sensors. The humidity sensor is activated when moisture occurs in the environment and the temperature sensor is activated when the temperature in the environment falls below the value set in the thermostat. if both of these sensors are active, the system will work and prevent snow and icing in the roof gutters.

If only one of these sensors works, the system is not energized since there will not be snow icing in the roof gutters, and so the heating system in the roof gutters will not be activated. The most important point in the roof gutter heating system is to design the system in accordance with the base width of the roof gutters.

For example, in a gutter where the width of the gutter is 30 cm, the heating cable to be used for the roof heating system should be 2-3 rows, otherwise, if 1 row of heating cable is used, ice will continue in other regions where there will not be snow and icing in only 15 cm. Gutter heating systems are also very important for building a life. Snow and icing disrupt the building structure over time. With the effect of icing, the outer structure of the building turns into a fragile structure, and afterwards, water flows inside the building, which is fragile as a result of its melting, and this causes serious damage to the building. Preventing these damages is possible with gutter heating systems and helps your building to remain like the first day without being damaged for many years. Gutter heating systems are common used in our country.

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