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Turkish Bath Heating Systems

Electrical Floor Hammam Heating Rezistans Kablo Hamam is one of the indispensable elements of our culture. Today’s bath heating system is made using pipes laid under the floor. However, this system causes major problems over time. Turkish Bath Heating system with heating cables doesn’t need maintenance and repair. After the installation phase, the cable is […]

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What are the Types of Heating Cables?

Application areas of resistance cable Self Regulating Self Limiting Cable Click to see Form Mühendislik heating cable products. Self-regulating cables are used in industrial areas and water pipelines. These cables are identified by different names. Self Regulating – Self Limiting Heating cables are collected in various groups according to their isolation and power. Self Regulating […]

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Ülkemizde Isıtıcı Kablo

Kendinden Regüleli Kablo Rezistans Kablo Isıtıcı kablo diğer bir adı ile rezistans kablo günümüzde Dünyanın hemen hemen her yerinde yaygın bir şekilde kullanılmaktadır. Garaj rampalarında, yaya yürüyüş yollarında, araç trafiğinin olduğu yollarda, Çatılarda yatay oluklarda, yağmur iniş borularında, evlerimizde zemin ısıtma olarak, kendimize özgü bir hamam ortamı oluşturmak istersek hamam ısıtma vb. alanlarda ısıtıcı kablo […]

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Ramp Heating and Road Heating

Vehicle Road Heating Road Heating As we know, it is very difficult to stand up on a steep hill in winter, let alone walking on a ramp. Unfortunately, most of the time, this situation results in loss and falls and subsequent injuries. In ramp heating systems, the snow mass accumulated on the surface is completely […]

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Roof Gutter Heating

Roof Gutter Heating As is known in our country, some regions spend the winter season hard. Roof gutters and roofs are damaged and collapse due to snow and icing. Roofs damaged due to architectural errors and engineering errors that are not prevented in time. A lot of work has been done in the past to […]

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Heating Roof Gutter with Heating Cable

Roof Heating Gutter Heating Construction of roof gutter heating system with a heating cable. Roof gutters block the water passages due to the snow falling in winter. Melting and freezing snow water gradually turns into blocks in the roof gutters and closes the water. When the melting snow water comes to the roof gutters and […]

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Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating Electric Floor Heating The floor heating system is divided into 2, the inner floor and the outer floor. Indoor floor heating can be shown as an example as an interior floor. Floor heating system has many advantages over other water heating and central heating systems.

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