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25 July 2020

Heating Roof Gutter with Heating Cable

Roof Heating

Gutter Heating

Construction of roof gutter heating system with a heating cable. Roof gutters block the water passages due to the snow falling in winter. Melting and freezing snow water gradually turns into blocks in the roof gutters and closes the water. When the melting snow water comes to the roof gutters and descents, the water tends to flow inside or outside. In these cases, there is deformation on the exterior.

Heating cables placed in roof gutters in heating cable gutter heating systems. With thermostats and sensors that automatically control the system. it is activated at freezing level or in snowfall, and the water cones are heated both horizontally and vertically. Heating cables are produced in various power and lengths and selected in accordance with the project.
Heating cables are 3 types as series resistance heating cable, constant power heating cable or self-regulating heating cable. Series resistance heating cables are produced in fabricated lengths. Heating cables are selected according to roof gutter and landing paints. Prefix lengths such as 5-10-15… 168m.

In gutter heating systems, gutter widths are one of the important factors affecting the cable line.

In heating cable applications, an average of 1 row of heater cables should be applied for each 10 cm groove width. In self-regulating heating cables, 1 row of heating cables is enough for each 20cm width.

Heating in roof gutters; Heating cable application in roof gutters is necessary to keep waterways open. Roof gutters and roof gutters are heated with a heating cable to prevent problems in winter in cold climates or in buildings made of hidden creeks.

Heating cable; It should be selected in various strengths and in sizes suitable for the project. As Form Engineering, we have done countless projects in heating cable applications for about 30 years.

There are various brands and models in heating cable applications. Heating cables to be selected according to the climate and architectural structure will serve you on your roofs for years.

Adhesives and junction boxes used in heating cable applications are IP 67 class and must withstand Uv for years. Heating cables are under warranty for an average of 15 years. Heating cables will protect your roof for years as long as there is no external interference.

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