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28 July 2020

Ramp Heating and Road Heating

Vehicle Road Heating

Road Heating

As we know, it is very difficult to stand up on a steep hill in winter, let alone walking on a ramp. Unfortunately, most of the time, this situation results in loss and falls and subsequent injuries. In ramp heating systems, the snow mass accumulated on the surface is completely or partially melted with electric heating cable. Application areas are generally divided into 2.
1. Heating the track,
2. Heating the whole area.
Wheel track heating: If the area to be heated is vehicle entrance/exit or entrance and exit together, heating the whole area in this area may cause unnecessary energy consumption in some cases. In these areas, if the vehicle passage is for small vehicles, heating should be made in 50 cm width and along the ramp. If the vehicles that will use the ground are large vehicles (trucks, vans, etc.), the area of ​​1 m width and ramp length should be heated. Thus, vehicles can safely pass by following these heated tracks.
Heating the whole area: Generally, this application is done as a result of the people and the frequent use of these areas. Since it will be difficult for people to follow a certain lane, all the snow must be melted in the available areas.

The most important feature of the ramp heating system is that it is used together with the thermostat, humidity sensor and temperature sensor.
What is meant here is that when the humidity and temperature information in the environment is below the set value, the system operates and the system starts to heat without any snow and icing. So, energy consumption is prevented since heating will occur without snow and icing. After installation, the heating cable, cable fixing sitrip thermostat and sensors of the ramp heating elements are guaranteed to work smoothly for many years. Other methods of melting ice, which will be used instead of electric ramp heating, show effect after snow and icing, but damage the used area due to the chemicals in it. Although such a problem does not occur in ramp heating systems made with heating cables, a dry and clean surface is provided. Heating cables should be designed to produce 300w-350 watts per m2 according to the regions.
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