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25 July 2020

Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating

Electric Floor Heating

The floor heating system is divided into 2, the inner floor and the outer floor. Indoor floor heating can be shown as an example as an interior floor. Floor heating system has many advantages over other water heating and central heating systems.

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Floor Heating

If we talk about the advantages of the floor heating system compared to other systems. it should be mentioned that electricity is the cleanest energy source. In water systems and other systems, heat does not spread to the surface, partially in some regions, a cooler environment occurs. In the floor heating system made with an electric heating cable, the cable provides that the heat is spread everywhere. Each heating cable used in the floor heating system generates equal heat in each meter, the heating cables placed on the floor. so provide that the heat is distributed in each region.

Since the heating is provided from the ground, the existing structure heats up more. Because in a building with a floor heating system, the heat in the building has a positive effect on human health as it provides an air circulation from bottom to top. The other floor heating system is the heating system used in outdoor environments. Since this floor heating system is used outdoors, it is used both for heating and for snow ice prevention.

Its main areas of use are winter gardens, terrace heating, ramp heating, walkway heating, underpass heating, bridge heating, asphalt heating, stair-step heating, etc. . The floor heating system used in winter gardens is more for comfort and to break the coldness of the environment. In the terrace floor heating system, the purpose is to prevent snow and icing. So, falling and injuries caused by snow and ice are prevented. In the ramp floor heating system, a floor heating system is used to prevent snow and ice, so that the vehicles do not cause any loss or accident.

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